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Friday, December 10, 2010

Don’t let her die?

Yesterday I read news story which really make me upset. There was a 14 yr. old girl (ishmeet) in Delhi met with an accident, while she was going to transport office, in order to make her bus pass, with her father on scooter. Her father took him from school, and when they ride on the scooter a tourist bus strike against the scooter and ran away .Ishmeet who sat behind, fell down and seriously injured. She needs an immediate help but she was not lucky so. Her father screamed lot in order to get help. He tried to convince many people who travelled in cars to stop but nobody stops even the bloody auto wallhas didn’t stop. Finally, after some time a sardar ji stops his car for help, but it was too late now, to save her. When they reached to nearby hospital doctor declared her dead. Although the driver caught by police and released soon.
Her father is not a rich person but he ever tried to full fill all of his daughter’s demands. In his limited salary he brought to meet her all demands. He also brought a computer for her. On her last birthday which has just been passed on 14 Oct he gifts her book, geometry box and colours. He wanted to see her as a doctor in future but ishmeet itself wanted to become an I.A.S officer.
How ridiculous it was? A person was dying at a road corner, needed help and nobody stops to help, to save her. Everybody was in hurry and let her to die. This depicted the clear defeat of humanity in our country’s so called developed metros. What kind of development it is, in which there is no value for one’s life. What does it meant for? In this blind race where everybody is so materialistic by thoughts and actions. See what happen!!!
 We have created all kinds of comforts and facilities for our convenience but unfortunately if you are dying on one of the road corner of these cities, people bypass you and let you to die.
This is just an example but people around there are same. If we have change so, there could be many more example come in future. Here we need a care for everyone. We can spend our life without comforts but this spirit of care and to help someone, when he/she intensely need it should not diminish.
At this earth humanity is the biggest religion, above to all, irrespective to all. Then why we don’t care about it and these kinds of examples come in light. It not only takes one’s life but also show a kind of ruthlessness in the society among us. What kind of society we have produced? What kind of development it is? In which direction we are going? What we have done? All this look so pathetic!!!

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