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Friday, December 3, 2010

the ultimate goal

The word “goal” comprises many a meaning in itself. Throughout our life we pass through many halts. But in this small journey of life sometimes these halts become our destination. Have reached our destination or still there is something more to get? These questions always compel us to think.

But I tried to find a way to encounter this question and definitely everybody who is close to me helps me intentionally or unintentionally to find answers to these kinds of complicated questions of life. I found the answers after a sojourn with myself; when I did a small journey of mine or did a self talk with myself in solitude...I found the great peace which I had not experienced before.

Ironically, in our life we ignore happiness which comes in small packets. We search for happiness in the materialistic world. This, I realised, when for the first time, I demanded a video game from my father. I forced him a lot to buy this happy tool for me. But very soon I realised that this tool made me far from my father. Before the coming of this unprecedented gadget in my life I would have long conversation with my father and would feel very happy. This was the first and small indication by God but I completely ignored it.
Later, another incident which was really a big lesson for me, taught me the ultimate goal of my life. My father transferred to Delhi and he would come home i.e. Dehradun once in a year. My father would bring many accessories for me, whenever he came. But indeed it would not give me pleasure. Interestingly the thing which made me happy or satisfied...that thing was moving around me all the time. And when I noticed that thing... it had me surprised. It was none other than my friends and my near and dear ones.
It’s shocking but true that most people seek happiness in the materialistic world. There are many minute things which give us a feeling of contentment. If you radiate happiness everywhere, if you bring the smile to a person who is sad, if you give the gift of encouragement to the one who is depressed, I challenge you - it will give you the real happiness. One thing which you all must try is that just make yourself an empty box and listen to every person who has been unheard for so long. Just try it out and then see the change. Your piggybank of happiness which you feel it is empty will certainly fill in a moment.

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